• Reach: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt
  • Potential Audience: Over 35+ million listeners
  • Power: 60,000 watts Primary and 25,000 watts Back Up Transmitter
  • Frequency: 1287 kHz Medium Wave
  • Transmitter: AM – Medium Wave (Nautel – Solid State)
  • Transmission Facility: Israel
  • Antenna: Omnidirectional – Radiated ground plain - 360° degrees coverage
  • Digital DRM: Coming Soon
  • Slogan: From the shore of the Sea of Galilee to all the Middle East...This is the Voice of Hope.

In an unprecedented decision, the government of Israel granted Strategic Communications Group the first and only Christian radio broadcast license. The mission of Voice of Hope - Middle East is to support and encourage the Christians of the region, as well as to present the Gospel to those who have not heard. This powerful radio station delivers hope to refugees, is a friend in the airwaves, is a solid resource to God's word and boldly presents the Gospel in Arabic, Aramaic and English. The VOICE OF HOPE is STRATEGIC and could be one of the most important radio stations in history in terms of its LOCATION, MESSAGE and IMPACT!