On March 28, 2017, through an unprecedented decision by the government of Israel, the VOICE OF HOPE - 1287 AM signed on the airwaves as the only Christian radio station in the Holy Land. The VOICE OF HOPE is dedicated to our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East under oppression. The VOICE OF HOPE Arabic broadcasts are reaching Muslims with the Gospel for the first time. Broadcasting in Arabic and English from the shore of the Sea of Galilee, over 40 million people are under its powerful broadcast signal every day reaching Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Cyprus.

  • Reach:
  • Potential Audience:
  • Power:
  • Frequency:
  • Transmitter:
  • Transmission Facility:
  • Antenna:
  • Slogan:
  • Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt
  • Over 40+ million listeners
  • 50,000 Watts
  • 1287 kHz Medium Wave
  • AM – Medium Wave (Nautel – Solid State)
  • Israel

  • Omnidirectional – Radiated ground plain - 360° degrees coverage
  • “From the shore of the Sea of Galilee to all the Middle East...This is the Voice of Hope.”