The new VOICE OF HOPE - 1287 AM
50,000-Watt Superstation

Reaching five Middle East nations with the gospel of Jesus in Arabic/English
Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus

Israel has granted the first Christian broadcast radio station in Israel.
The only domestic radio station in Israel with international purpose.
Established in support of Christians of the Middle East and especially those being persecuted for their faith.

Reaching out to Muslims with the gospel of Hope...for the very first time.
Fanning the flames of God’s great awakening in the Muslim world as many are turning to Jesus!


“From the Sea of Galilee to all the Middle East with love...Your listening to the VOICE OF HOPE!”

Please pray for the VOICE OF HOPE - 1287 AM Israel/Middle East

For our “live” On-Air Ministers and that the Holy Spirit would speak through them on the air to bring Hope, healing and salvation. Pray for our listeners that God’s powerful Word will draw them to become followers of Jesus. Pray for our high-impact programs and their consistent teaching of the gospel in Arabic. Please pray about becoming a prayer and support partner of the VOICE OF HOPE.

ISRAEL NEWS - CHANNEL 1 – Thursday, June 15, 2017
Interview with John Tayloe

Celebrating Israel’s newest radio station - VOICE OF HOPE - 1287 AM, Channel 1 News in Israel interviewed VOICE OF HOPE – 1287 AM president, John Tayloe. The story aired Thursday evening and celebrated the VOICE OF HOPE’S historic establishment in Israel as the first Christian radio station. Ambassador Jacob Dayan as well as the Galilee Regional Council Director also give their strong support of the VOICE OF HOPE’s mission to support Christians of the Middle East and to spread the Gospel to Muslims and those who have never heard the message of Jesus.


Shortwave radio is a powerful tool to deliver the gospel message worldwide, crossing physical and political borders providing hope and information to millions.

The medium of radio is intimate because it is received one person at a time yet it is instantaneously available on hundreds of millions of radio receivers worldwide.

Shortwave radio is the information source of the masses and easy to use and vital to those living in poor countries and under politically controlled media.

With the ability to reach to over 2-billion people, the word “broadcast” is simply not descriptive enough. This is why Voice of Hope radio describes our capabilities as Worldcasting!

Currently, Voice of Hope transmitters reach three of the seven Continents: Latin America, North America and Africa. Also, at any given time it is estimated that there are over 15,000 ships at sea with crew’s that depend upon shortwave radio for information.



Strategic Communications Group’s VOICE OF HOPE is a powerful pulpit platform to Christian radio programs. Expand your Outreach! Worldcast through one of Strategic Communications Group’s VOICE OF HOPE radio stations.

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John and Heather Tayloe established Strategic Communications Group in 1998 to further their lifelong work in international gospel radio broadcasting. Today, Strategic Communication Group’s Voice of Hope’s radio stations are spreading the gospel message throughout the world.  Read more here.

*Strategic Communications Group is not affiliated with High Adventure Ministries or it's use of "Voice of Hope".