• Reach: United States, Canada, Central and South America including Cuba and the Caribbean
  • Potential Audience: Over 900 million listeners
  • Power: 100,000 watts
  • Frequency: 17775 kHz (day) and 9975 kHz (evenings)
  • Transmitter: Shoffner-Harris Model SW100
  • Transmission Facility: Los Angeles, California USA
  • Antenna: TCI Model 516 Log Periodic, 100 degree beam.
  • Digital DRM: Coming Soon

Strategic Communications Group’s Voice of Hope – Americas (KVOH Los Angeles) world-class shortwave radio station has a potential of reaching an audience of over 900 million souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Voice of Hope – Americas currently Worldcasts 100 hours per week, offering programs in Spanish and English on 17775 and 9975 kHz. The Voice of Hope – Americas is referred to as “God’s great Harvester,” because it reached so many millions of people with the salvation message of Jesus Christ. It’s powerful 100,000 watt signal lets your ministry blanket the United States, Canada, Mexico Central and South America including Cuba and the Caribbean, reaching a potential of more than 900 million people!